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Channel LU,A(23)0443981RU96@5=H1MZ1=
wir  last broadcast was made 22 September 2017 в 20:16

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IN4O= 2 5E3 IN BLO(CK)IN6 CH(AN)N3L BE 4==MO0N&SU(N)L3T23R54W0R7D = https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonnenbuchstabe ==ABC=4=31+8+20+17=53XY 7=76=7+6=13=
= LINE UP IN TITLE =ARABIC "7AN6U1G3" =LU(R)A =2 SEE THIS ALL = 4H3ART4U7LOVv LY(R)I6 IN1=AR=4=AR(B)A A=AB.4O7G3 =4+13+22=8ACK 2V0R7D L. 5COR3=4=AL7IN1=

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