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Fo-Play - High
kokatuj uploaded 7 months ago
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Click: https://www.facebook.com/FoPlaySA/ Fo-Play is up against the mass which is not quite certain what to make of them,“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Vava Deceptikon to create this, such an incredible artist and producer" said the boys.

Fo-Play continues Testing out new material with their latest release, “High,” a collaboration with Vava Deceptikon.

While Vava Deceptikon, the video lays out the boys in the middle of no where and manufacturing scientific remedies which will change their lives forever. The rappers spit vigorously rhymes about the benefits of entrepreneurial ways, women, being high of what you love, what you work for, the pleasuring feeling, "let's be the one that makes the most noise" they say so, true flexion of being high and the lazy ones being on the low. Enjoy..

Publisher: Fo Play Entertainment

Twitter: @foplay

Facebook: Fo-Play

Contacts: foplaymedia@gmail.com

0818517192/076 328 0407

Source: https://youtu.be/4llQ_DDLkHI

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