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RIVAL High Performance Training Headgear 2018
kokatuj uploaded 28 February 2018 в 13:21
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This is a review of the Rival High Performance Training Headgear.

What kind of boxing headgear are you using? Maybe it's time to UPGRADE!
Rival High Performance Training Headgear is second to NONE! Check out this review.
I LOVE THIS BOXING HEADGEAR! If you want to train at your best you have to use the best!
What is the best boxing headgear out there for the money? Rival is the answer.
Check out this boxing headgear review! STAY SAFE! BEST THE MONEY!

~Here is what I use for my personal gear (and a few things I want).

Rival High Performance Training Headgear:

Rival Competition Headgear (USA Boxing Approved):

Rival RHGFS1 Professional Headgear:

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